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Course Solidworks CAD and BIM
Code Module 3— VET-CABM03
Course Overview Entrance requirement
Graphisoft is one of the industry leaders in CAD and BIM Programs.
CAD, or computer-aided design, allows for design and documentation via computer technology. Design engineers use CAD files for projects requiring multiple parts and components to fit precisely within a larger assembly. CAD users can efficiently produce 2D drawings and 3D models of parts and assemblies to be manufactured from their desired materials. The use of 3D CAD software has transformed manufacturing over the past 30 years, allowing for more complex products to be designed and manufactured faster than ever before.
BIM is a new process and methodology by which a team of architects, engineers and contractors work collaboratively to design and build a commercial building utilizing the same database and computer model. This allows the team to analyze and visualize design decisions long before a project even breaks ground.
Previous experience or knowledge is required to be accepted for this course. Prospective students knowledgeable with Module 1&2 of our Computer Fundamental Course.
However, any experience within the Computing and ICT sector such as graphics will be advantageous, as well as any Credit or a pass in WASSCE's subject area of computing and ICT learning students should also improve and understand the use of English language proficiently.
Course Audience Progression

This program is ideal for any learner with an interest and motivation to embark on GraphiSoft Computer Aided Designing and Building Information Modelling, specifically within the areas of designs like Architectural or building designing, Engineering, Automobile Designing, Manufacturing, Games development, Animation and other Engineering Design modelling. It provides a strong introductory foundation to these pertinent, practical areas with the field of Computing and Information Technology.

Successful graduates of this level will be eligible to progress directly onto the Module 3 of the CAD and BIM course in our school or any of our affiliate institute.

Course Content Duration / Commencement dates

This course covers the basic and advanced topics and techniques related to Graphisoft Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Building Information Modelling (BIM). The Following are the various program levels:
Level 1 — Graphisoft ArchiCAD Essential Training.
Level 2 — Graphisoft BIMCloud Essential Training.
Level 3 — Graphisoft OpenBIM Essential Training
For full course outline, please visit the download page on our website.

Three - four academic months (two separate routes depending on pre-requisite knowledge and experience in IT). VET usually commences full-time programs over 4 intakes per year: January, March, July and October. Please contact VET directly for the next Commencement date.

Course Fees Learners supports

Please contact the school management directly to ascertain the current course fees. The costs of study materials are not included in the course fee.

The following Learner Supports are available for this program: Mentoring, Software, Free Training DVD’s, Free Books, Free internet every time, Counseling Service, Career Guidance Service, Learner Development program, Information and Publication service.

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