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This Sage 50 Accounting course is one of the most demanding and desirable accounting certifications in the market. This software has a great potential to handle functions the management in most promising way, it is more than just a bookkeeping software, and this program is enriched with advance books management which enable users to manage their books in effective, efficient and timely manner. This course provides you advance skills such as, VAT Management, Bank Reconciliation techniques, Chart of accounts setup as well as effective stock management. And more importantly reports.  

QuickBooks is designed to make running a business easy, so you can focus on what you do best. Learn how to create and back up your company's QuickBooks file and quickly set up shop, in this introductory course. It starts with adding your banking information, credit cards, and historical data to the chart of accounts. You can also learn how to set up your customers, vendors, employees, and inventory items. We will then take you through the day-to-day operations that keep your business running: creating estimates, purchase orders, invoices, and sales receipts; processing payments; recording deposits; and printing checks. Plus, learn how to run reports; find data about your business; and close the books, with end-of-year preparations.

Accounting uses financial information from the past to make decisions in the present to change the future. This course provides an introduction to the four basic types of accounting—bookkeeping and financial, managerial, and tax accounting—and explains the links between accounting, decision-making, business performance, and financial health.
The success of a business can hinge on how its inventory is managed. There are costs to having too little—or too much—inventory on hand. This course will also equip you with tools and strategies that can help you get inventory control right. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relation Management (CRM) applications are strongly emphasized.