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The course covers many important aspects of the Desktop Publishing (DTP) industry in general. There is a strong emphasis on the importance of a clear understanding of the print industry so that the learners not only know how to use the applications but also fully understand how to send the files to print. The course also examines the design, color and layout of documents/images for print.
This course also covers the more sophisticated functions of the software like advanced styles, combining type and paths, combining Photoshop and Illustrator layers, tables, PDF for printing and web, and stunning transparency effects. The course also focuses on time saving tips in setting up documents and automated Templates, and being able to update them at speed. At the end of this course you will be able combine the more advanced features with your current knowledge and produce sophisticated layouts with ease and confidence.   

Today, Animation courses have a wide scope in the market, and it is an apt field for those who want to create magic and turn their imagination into a reality. Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images to create an illusion of movements. This course enables students to have a head-start to their full-fledged professional learning in the animation genre. Further, some students also pursue this course in order to get some entry-level jobs in this field. Some of the subjects taught in this course include Animation Foundation, Basic & Advanced Performance Animation, and Character Animation & Body Design. Some useful software packages like Autodesk Maya are also taught in the advance stage of this course.

Whether you’re an aspiring or experienced artist, this course provides detailed coverage of CorelDRAW, the flagship vector-based illustration and layout application. This live training for CorelDRAW X6, X7, and X8, helps you get up to speed with the basics of vector drawing. We'll demonstrates how to use objects, layers, and pages to organize documents effectively and we’ll discuss working with color, Artistic Text, drawing tools, and special effects. The course also covers how to align and group objects to lay them out more effectively and how to dictate the layering of objects with the Weld, Trim, and Intersect commands.

Whether you are a lensman, designer, or illustrator, learning the way to use Photoshop CC 2018 with efficiency and effectively may be a helpful investment you’ll be able to build to urge the most out of your creations. Adobe Photoshop may be an advanced, and, at times, associate degree daunting product. during this course, we filter out the noise and complexness for you so you will find yourself empowered and able to quickly get the image results you would like. we'll also reviews the fundamentals of digital imaging—from operating with multiple pictures to customizing the Photoshop interface to fit your desires. We will show you the way to use totally different Photoshop tools to crop and retouch photos, whereas invariably maintaining the highest-quality output.

Adobe Illustrator is a unique software for digital artists that has new and high features in the Creative Cloud version. This training course covers the power and flexibility of this software along with a review of the basic tricks and tips, as well as the installation and output of a work of art. You will learn how to work with layers and the art of margins, and begins to draw basic shapes. You will also learn how to make fills and borders, add color, work with live effects, and insert typography into designs. Techniques on how to print and export artwork for sharing would also be treated. Subsequent advanced projects like logo design concepts would treated in the higher level of this module.

This training package is about Fireworks CS6 and CC Essential Training.  Join us as we show you how to create custom web graphics and web site mockups with Adobe Fireworks CS6. The initial chapters explain the basics: how to get around in the interface and create and organize documents. The course proceeds to cover all the essential drawing features in Fireworks, from drawing simple lines and shapes to applying fills, strokes, and opacity values to objects. The course also covers how to move, scale, and otherwise transform text and images as well as create symbols, use sprites, and integrate CSS and jQuery Mobile.