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This course provides computer engineering students with advanced system software and hardware experience. It will give you a detailed knowledge of both the system board and peripheral devices mostly on Desktops and Servers.  This course also prepares prospective students for A+ Certification. A+ is an internationally recognized qualification that indicates that you possess the knowledge and skills to maintain PC hardware and software. The syllabus and exams are administered by an independent organization, the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA).    

Every computer today has an Operating System installed in it. Through this course you will not only master the basics of Operating Systems but also get ready for venturing into advanced concepts of Operating Systems.
Without using Operating Systems, it is extremely difficult to communicate with the hardware devices of our computer.
Have you ever wondered how is it possible that your computer works? How is it possible that your application is able to run on multiple devices? How is it possible that multiple applications can run at the same time? All of that works because of Operating System.