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Thursday, 30 July 2020 14:01

Business Management ~ Project Management

Project management is a set of techniques that anyone can apply to achieve goals and make projects more successful. Project management can be used to guide small, simple projects as well as complex enterprise-wide initiatives.  This course explains the fundamentals of project management, from establishing project goals and objectives and building a project plan to managing resources and work, meeting deadlines, and closing the project. Along the way, it provides tips for communicating, holding meetings, keeping a project on track, and gaining customer acceptance. This course provides exercises for most videos based on a healthcare/IT case study project.

Managing people is hard. Managers juggle a wide range of tasks and deadlines and must know how to effectively coach and develop employees. They are responsible for delivering valuable outcomes for the company and for its people. Learn how to become a more successful, confident, and productive manger. This course teaches the basics of becoming a manager your direct reports admire and respect and one your boss can rely on.
The course explains how to choose the right style of management for you and your workplace, address performance problems, delegate tasks, resolve conflict, manage your time, and help your team members meet their performance goals. Plus, find out how to build a learning mindset to keep your organization innovating into the future.

Marketing is a high-stakes game. Whether you’re starting your career or trying to sharpen your skills for the next campaign, you need a strong foundation to move forward. This course teaches the fundamentals elements of any successful marketing endeavor.
This course explains marketing's role in the organization and provides frameworks for analyzing a business and its competitors; developing a strategy for everything from pricing to promotion; and creating tactical programs that link your strategy to real-world campaigns. Plus, get tips for organizing an effective cross-functional team, getting buy-in throughout an organization, and measuring your results.

Business development can be the innovation hub of your organization, and an exciting career for visionary and strategic professionals. It can be a source of disruptive strategies and partnerships that help companies to leapfrog their competitors. And yet, the term "business development" is thrown around by many executives who don't fully understand its power to transform.
Business development teams identify areas of opportunity: new products, new markets, new partnerships, and new distribution channels. It's critical to start with clear objectives. Strategic planning is key to successful business development. If you plunge forward without clearly defining your goals and how you’ll meet them, you run the risk of misplacing your energy and failing to make the kind of progress you envisioned.

Thursday, 30 July 2020 11:39

Web Development ~ Programing The Web

PHP is a popular programming language that you can use to write simple code for web pages. If you have been using HTML to develop websites, learning PHP will allow you to create dynamic pages. In this course, learn the fundamentals of PHP. PHP developers can benefit from the efficient, well-organized, reusable, and easy-to-understand code that object-oriented programming offers. In the intermediate-level course, Object-Oriented programming (OOP) would be thought extensively, while the Advanced level with focus on PHP, MySQL as well as PHP Framework like CodeIgniter, Laravel and many more.

JavaScript is a scripting language of the web. As the web evolves from a static to a dynamic environment, technology focus is shifting from static markup and styling—frequently handled by content management systems or automated scripts—to dynamic interfaces and advanced interaction. Once seen as optional, JavaScript is now becoming an integral part of the web, infusing every layer with its script. Through practical examples and mini-projects, this course helps you build your understanding of JavaScript piece by piece, from core principles like variables, data types, conditionals, and functions through advanced topics including loops, closures, and DOM scripting. Along the way, you will also be introduced to some ES6 and the basics of JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

Web designers—whether freelance or working within an organization—appreciate simple and flexible technology that can be customized and updated quickly to suit the evolving needs of their client or company. Content management systems (CMSs) come with many benefits, such as allowing non-technical users to change the design easily without reliance on developers. Additionally, CMSs are a current technology, meaning many are responsive, mobile-friendly, optimized for search engines, and up-to-date. So, how do you choose the right one for your needs?

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the foundation of website and web application development. It allows you to ensure that your content is understood by both segments of your audience: the people who watch, read, or listen to your content, and the computers that display it. In this course, learn how to craft excellent HTML with the pieces that HTML itself has to offer.
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in the other hand, is a stylesheet language that allows you to control the appearance of your webpages. In this hands-on course, we'll demonstrates the concepts that form the foundation of CSS, explaining what you need to know to tweak existing CSS and write your own.

Learning to design to website requires mastering many different skills from organizing the structure of the website, making sure it is easy to use and navigate, to designing the graphics and layout of the information. This course concentrates on the fundamentals of building a website. It introduces the fundamental concepts, tools, and learning paths for web design. It explains what it means to be a web designer, the various areas of specialization, and whether web design is the right hobby or career for you. The course finally outlines learning paths for where to go next, touching on subjects such as standards and accessibility, responsive design, and the three core web technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The CompTIA Network+ certification measures a network administrator's basic understanding of networking components and concepts. This learning path covers the skills you need to become a certified Network+ administrator, including networking basics and techniques on how to manage a network.
CompTIA Network+ Cert Prep is a comprehensive training series designed to help you earn your Network+ certification—the most sought-after, vendor-neutral certification for networking professionals.

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