Nigeria Entrepreneurs Network Business School

NEN Business programs can show you how to identify and quantify new opportunities and applications for your innovative ideas, products and services. We will guide you in finding, segmenting & qualifying new markets, identifying and meeting possible future customers, partners and suppliers. We can guide you in establishing new channels into different markets and, once there, we can help you understand what you need to build to succeed.

NEN has a network of successful business leaders, each of whom have started and grown one or more new technology businesses, raised equity investment or venture capital and led their company through a significant corporate event.

We are all still active in our own companies, across diverse industries and global markets. We use our experience, knowledge and expertise to bring competitive advantage to your project & company.

NEN Business programs is specifically designed to inject entrepreneurial skills and attitudes among entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to enable them to become competitive, creative, innovative and visionary global market players.

In most developing countries, SMEs account for a large share of registered business establishments and employment, and significantly contribute to the gross domestic output and value added. Therefore, a healthy SME sector is essential to poverty reduction, wealth creation and linking industries to communities in developing countries.

NEN collaborates with individuals national, international and multinational companies, federal, state and local governments in developing pilot programs and promoting initiatives for training of local staff and development of community action plans. NEN also offers certified programs that complement individual and organisational efforts towards enhanced competitiveness. We create complementary opportunities to existing enterprise support initiatives to help Nigerians achieve higher levels of productivity and competitiveness pursued by Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises SMEs.